EraSmart Inkjet 35Cm A3 Roll Gold Silver Ab Film Uv Printing Machine Dtf Bottle Cup Wrap Sticker Printer With Laminator


Printing width is max 35cm, meeting small-scale customization needs.

Adopting imported silent guide rail and lifting components, precise alignment, and smooth printing.

Equipped with high-precision, high-speed and stable Hoson board.

Dual XP600 printheads, 12-color channel, white and color printing together, able to print varnish.

Printing, lamination, unwinding and rewinding film are all integrated into one process, which eliminates the need for additional manual operations and results in end product.

Small body with bracket and universal wheels, easy to place and move, suitable for entrepreneurial groups.

Also can print on gold or silver film to create personalized logos.

Widely used:The uv dtf sticker can be transferred onto materials such as acrylic sheets, PVC sheets, KT boards, steel sheets, iron sheets, aluminum sheets, glass marbles, various packaging boxes, and other advertising materials.


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