Erasmart Hot Sell Uv Printing Machine Uv Ink Original Imported Uv Soft Inks


Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with strong adhesion, abrasion and scratch resistance, waterproof and sunscreen

New imported raw materials with strong weather resistance,Low viscosity, no ink flying, prolonging the service life of the nozzle

Wide color gamut and strong three-dimensional effect,High gloss and beautiful, whitening without yellowing

Fine filtration, nm particle size D50, approximately 100nm

Smooth ink output, not removable by hand, low odor and environmentally friendly

1. Good smoothness, without blocking the print head

2. No odor, no impact

3. Good adhesion and no color fading during printing

4. Waterproof and sun proof, durable

usage:Applied to leather, wood, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, plastic, rubber, CD, instant messaging, light box cloth, glass, ceramics, metal, soft

Membranes, cups, etc


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