A3 DTF Printer 13″ L1800 Single Head A3 DTF Printer Direct to Roll Film Printer Digital Inkjet Small Desktop


  • L1800 printhead: This printhead produces full, accurate colors and smooth ink jet with white membrane circulation system, which helps to reduce nozzle blockages.
    Temperature control: The temperature control meter shows the current temperature and allows you to set the current temperature up or down. This is important for ensuring that the ink dries properly and that the prints are of high quality.
    Multi-function button: The multi-function button makes it easy to operate the printer, including functions such as in-out of the printer film, on/off, ink drop, and cancel print.
    Film rolling platform: The independent film rolling platform makes it easy to store and use the printer film.
    Parts and accessories: The printer comes with a variety of parts and accessories, including a feed tray, internal roller, silver tray, fabric box cover, roller arms, arm screws, roller locks, power cable, printer USB cable, long-term store kit, USB with training videos, grease, syringe, tips, syring tubes, cleaning swabs, extra tubing, and extra dampers.
    Warranty: The printer comes with a limited 1-year warranty on non-consumable parts and a limited 6 month warranty on the Printhead.
    The A3+ R DTF Printer is a versatile and powerful printer that can be used to print on a variety of materials, including garments, pillows, baseball caps, face-masks, trousers, canvas shoes, and canvas bags. It is a great choice for businesses that want to create high-quality DTF prints.

 A3 DTF Printer, Self-developed printing film control system, saving costeasy to operate. Independent roll film support, roll film and sheet film can be printed. 6-color printing, more vivid colors. Open cover design, convenient for maintenance. Acrylic window, easy to check the printing effect. Built-in vacuum adsorption platform, white ink circulation system, heating system.

Product Features:

The DTF-A3 printer is based on the Epson L1800 print engine and features CMYK + White ink printing capabilities. It can print on PET film in batches, which speeds up your business. The printer has a 16.5 x 11.8 inch print area and comes with a custom top window so that you can watch the print with the lid closed. It also has a built-in heating device to accelerate ink curing and offers real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity. Additionally, the white ink stirring feature can solve the problem of ink blocking.

Product Parameters:

  • Model: DTF-A3
  • Printer Head: L1800
  • Printing Accuracy: 2880DPI
  • Printing Size: A3
  • Printing Speed: 6 minutes per A4
  • Software: Included
  • Applicable System: Windows
  • Ink Supply Method: Continuous ink supply, white ink stirring
  • Color Scheme: CMYK+WW

Package Includes:

  • 1 x A3 Size DTF Printer
  • Software with a dongle
  • Free parts

Please Note:

  • You need a Windows 7 or higher PC with an available USB port to use this printer.
  • You will need a heat press for the final print. We recommend a 16×20 inch press.
  • You should keep the humidity above 40% in the print room and use a humidifier if necessary.
  • You will need artwork design software like Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or CorelDRAW.
  • An oven heater is also recommended.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a DTF Printer:

  • You have to climate control your print room. DTG works best in a room with a temperature of 70 – 78 degrees and humidity between 40% – 60% (50% or higher is needed at times).
  • After the heat transfer is completed on the heat press, do not rush off the PET film. Wait until it has cooled down before removing it.
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